2015 AFPAM 36-2241 Update for PDG PROmote [Update]

PDG PROmote PDG Study Guide

[UPDATE] Please read this post for the latest info on the FREE 2017-2019 PDG study guide update.

We are receiving a lot of emails from our PDG PROmote users asking when the app will be updated to the new AFPAM 36-2241.  We expect the update to be released in late September or very early October.  This is something we just can’t rush.  Our questions must be both engaging and accurate.  It takes a little time to get this right.  This year we have introduced a new triple edit process to ensure the highest quality study material right out the gate.

One of the benefits of owning PDG PROmote is that we always update our existing app when a new AF PDG is released.  We are the only premium PDG study app that does this.  Other companies will make you pay a small fortune for their app and still make you purchase a new app every time AFPAM 36-2241 is updated.  This just doesn’t sound right to us.

PDG PROmote is available for iOS, Android, Mac & PC.

[Update] We have either published or submitted updates for all of our PDG apps.  One correction is required.  AFPAM 36-2241 is now obsolete and has been replaced by the new AFH 1.