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The New 2019-2021 Study Guides Are Here!

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PDG PROmote PDG Study GuideWe completed updating PDG PROmote to the new 2019-2021 AF promotion study guides.   All of our users will receive the update soon via a normal app update.  PDG PROmote is chock full of thought provoking questions.  If you can master our questions you will master your exam.

PDG PROmote includes study guides for all tested ranks.  Our mobile apps also include the full AFH 1 specially formatted for easy reading and navigation on a phone.

One of the benefits of owning PDG PROmote is that we always update our existing app when new AF promotion study guides are released.  We are the only premium PDG study app that does this.  Others companies will make you pay a small fortune for their app and still make you purchase a new app every time the Air Force promotion study guides are updated.  This just doesn’t sound right to us.

PDG PROmote is available for iOS, Android, Mac & PC.