PROmote™ is the most comprehensive and up to date Army Study Guide available — period!

  • Includes over 3,400 questions. Our app contains thousands more than some other apps. You don’t have to study all 3,400+ questions but they are there for you if you need them.
  • YOU GRADE YOURSELF. Most Army Study Guide apps don’t even allow you to grade yourself. You can’t look at your test scores for each subject because they don’t even keep score.
  • An advanced Learn Engine that tracks questions seen/unseen, correct or incorrect, and dynamically creates your tests accordingly.
  • Provides both a casual study mode and a test mode.
  • See study and test progress at a mere glance.
  • Flexible test options.
  • Includes the Army ADP’s.

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PROmote for Mobile - Test List View

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"SIMPLY THE BEST! I used it for soldier of the month, soldier of the quarter, promotion board and won all 3 back to back...I'm now using it again to compete for the best warrior competition."

− Steven Razon, PROmote User

"The app is updated as regs change Appreciate how diligent you guys are with updating the app every time regs are updated or changed. Keep up the great work! "

− Diane Rackley, PROmote User

Highest Rated Army Study Guide App

Promote averages 4.5/5 rating from over 80 customer reviews

The Best Designed Army Study Guide…

Some Army Study Guide apps look magnificent but just aren’t practical.  They would rather look good than be practical.  We have the most useful, user-friendly and functional design possible.  PROmote makes studying easy.  All of your study and test progress is visible at a mere glance.  There is no need to stare at the app for 20 minutes just trying to figure out how to take a test. The PROmote Army study guide app has one purpose: to get you promoted.  PROmote makes that job easier than ever!

Our Authors…

You can’t just be a subject matter expert and write a study guide for us. You have to be a great test taker too.  When our writers read study material they don’t just see words, they see the questions that you have to answer. Questions jump off the page to them as they read and this is what makes them uniquely qualified to prepare you for your mission of being promoted.