Without Our Writers We Have No Study Guides.

ForceReadiness.com uses independent writers for all of its study guides. They write and maintain their study guides in their spare time. We offer a generous revenue sharing plan. The amount you can earn varies greatly and depends on the popularity of your study guide. You could earn enough to make a monthly car payment, mortgage payment, payoff student loans and even more.

How Do I Know If I’ll Be A Good Writer?

Are you a good test taker! Knowing your job isn’t enough to be a study guide writer. You must also be a good test taker. A good test taker can study practically any subject and be confident that they will do well on a test. When they read they don’t just see words, they see questions. Potential test questions jump off the page for them. A good test taker can read a paragraph of text and derive questions from it. In order to prepare others for tests you must be good at tests yourself.

Could You Use Some Extra Income?

We know how to make great software. ForceReadiness.com is able to offer your study guide on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Support for Windows Phone is coming soon. We even provide our writers with an intuitive study guide authoring tool. All you need is your expertise, commitment, and time.

Areas Of Interest

These Are The Areas We Are Currently Interested In:

1. US Navy Promotion Study Guide. We currently offer very successful promotion study guides for the Army and Air Force. We’re looking for someone to help share the same level of success for the Navy.

2. Medical Exams and Certifications. The medical profession has countless exams and certifications, and most of them aren’t easy.

3. Professional Certifications. Many professions have certifications that must be achieved.

4. Firefighting and Law Enforcement Promotion Study Guides. If you work for a large fire or police department and think you can write a promotion study guide we want to talk to you.

How Do I Know If My Study Guide Will Do Well?

You Never “Know”, But Here Are Some Promising Signs To Look For:

1. Tests that people must pass to get promoted and earn more money typically do well. This is especially true in cases where higher scores influence the likelihood of being promoted, getting a new job, position, college entrance, etc.

2. Difficult tests are good candidates for study guides. If everyone easily passes the test you aren’t going to find many people willing to buy a study guide for it. Why would they need it? We want to create study guides that help people to easily pass difficult tests. This is why people buy our apps.

3. Difficult tests that are also expensive are even better candidates for study guides.

4. Tests with a large number of people taking them annually. If a test is overly niche or taken by only a small number of people the study guide will not sell well.

5. Can You Demonstrate Success Completing Large Projects Outside Of Your Daily Job? It’s easy to be interested in writing, especially at the thought of extra income. It’s quite another thing to actually put in the time after a long day at work and complete a study guide. We don’t want to waste your time or ours. We’ve learned through experience that the people we need are the people who can show a track record of completing projects outside of their primary job. Perhaps you completed a degree online or in the evenings. Perhaps you participated as a volunteer in your community on large projects. We only accept candidates who can demonstrate the ability to accomplish non-trivial projects outside of their primary job.

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