A. Affirmative. If any of the following apply to you, you are qualified:
- I am a first responder (doesn’t matter if you’re a one year rookie or 30 year vet)
- I’m a “doer”, not a talker
- I have ideas (and maybe some opinions)
- I have a pulse and can open up a computer
- I have no tolerance for bureaucratic process
- I want to take my org to the next level

A. You bet! FireSync EnterpriseTM was designed by firefighters for firefighters. It’s very easy to use! If you do have a question, we have a strike team of how-to guides to help you get it done.

A. Any. Most first responder organizations’ information and trade secrets are public. For example, if you have fire stations, their address and phone numbers are public knowledge and can be inputted into a directory applet. Another great example would be your EMS policies. These policies are common knowledge and can be hosted in an applet on FireSync.

A. Negative. You can get your union, any related association, or even some nice person or business to sponsor your subscription. If your business wants to be recognized or if they are interested in sponsoring these apps, have them contact us at

A. Yes. The trial period requires no obligation and no commitment. It is designed and intended to give the “doers” enough time to show their organization how powerful FireSync can be - “seeing is believing”

A. By all means! It will not only work for you, it’s perfect for you! FireSync EnterpriseTM is robust enough to be used by one of the largest departments in the US, yet affordable enough to be used by the smallest departments. We stand alone. Have you seen our pricing yet?!

A. We feel your pain and know too many good ideas have died in bureaucracies! This is why we offer unofficial accounts to help you navigate around these frustrating obstacles. In addition, your account will remain private during the trial period and visible only to those you want to provide access to. This gives you the time to just build it. They will love it!

A. Absolutely! We designed FireSync EnterpriseTM with people like you in mind! An unofficial account is any account not sanctioned or paid for by the organization, you won’t be the first. On the positive side, you’ll finally get the “street cred” and be recognized for taking your organization to the next level.

A. Any and all. Unless your organization is Area 51 or Skunkworks, most of the information you will be putting in FireSync is public info. You are limited only by your imagination. Not to worry, if you do have sensitive info, like personal phone numbers, FireSync has the ability to restrict access to authorized users.

A. Yup, we’re sure! Just get to work and start building your apps.

A. False. It took a team of experienced developers, working in conjunction with the world renowned LACFD, several years to develop FireSync EnterpriseTM

A. Not at this time. To keep subscription costs low, we do not offer tech support. However, we have built FireSync to be very user-friendly and intuitive. We have a compliment of how-to guides that will step you through the process.