Your Station - Your Own App Within an App
- Info & Access
- House Dues
- Trades/Bailouts
- Emergency Info File
- House Votes
- Phone Book
- House Needs
- EMS Needs
- Warehouse Needs
- Target Hazards
- Rotations
- Duties/Assignments
- Message Board

Intuitive - No Tech Expertise Needed
No Risk - Free 90-Day No-Obligation Trial

Connect and better engage your "House" through a mobile app that is controlled by you

Use as a daily tool for getting the shift started off right

An Optional Add-On Applet Within FIRESYNC CAL

Your Station. Your Own Mobile App.

An Optional Add-On Applet Within

Your Station. Your Own Mobile App.

Customized Mobile App for your Station

Connect and better engage your "House" through a mobile app that is controlled by you.

Communicate in real-time with your crew and other shifts. Reduce the redundancy that can exist in asynchronous environments.

Level up your house with a central platform that consolidates and streamlines all day-to-day station operations.


First of its kind mobile app for your home away from home

Field tested by thousands of first responders

Designed at the Kitchen Table and already deployed to 180+ Fire Stations with in Los Angeles County FD

Used daily as a tool for getting the shift started off right

A Cost-effective management platform for any station budget

Unmatched ease of data sharing from station to station

  • Securely host information about your fire house
  • Apparatus Assigned
  • Wifi Network/Passwords, Access Codes, Gate Codes
  • Any valuable info, like who does your ordering or when trash day is…

  • Post your monthly House Dues
  • Post digital payment methods like Venmo or Zelle

  • Personnel assigned to The House can post shift trading needs or "Bailouts" to have shifts covered within their station

  • Need more coffee or snacks? Post it here!
  • Be sure not to run out of those critical condiments, snacks or other essential house needs

  • Personnel can post EMS needs for the Station to make sure you don't run out of essentials, like 4x4s or gloves

  • Any routine station needs can be posted here

  • Communicate more efficiently with your crew and other shifts at your station
  • Send out station specific messages
  • Send out messaging for social events Like holiday parties or hang-outs outside work

  • Host your station's emergency info file that can advise personnel what the emergency protocols are for your station; Utility Shut-offs, Meeting Points, Access Points
  • Host information particular to your jurisdiction that help situational awareness for resources that moved up or covering your jurisdiction

  • Host all your SOPs or SOGs particular to your fire house
  • Allow guests from other stations to see your SOPs prior to arriving for thier shift

  • Want to know when its your cook shift? Host it here
  • Put rotations for Apparatus Assignments or other duties related to the station

  • Need a vote to buy that new TV or BBQ smoker?
  • Host real-time voting for all your personnel to vote on any station specific wants
  • Post all your routine weekly and daily duties
  • Assign tasks and assignments to individuals within your house
  • Track personnel status on assignments

  • Host after-hour emergency contact info particular to your jurisdiction
  • Post emergency contact info for use while in the field to get ahold of utility or railroad companies
  • Host local contact info for city services such as public works or animal control